Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Originally uploaded by Annie Matronic
For this week's Illustration Friday theme: Twist.

I was originally planning on doing something crazy, but nothing came out right. But then I started drawing this little lady and although she's far from the much more fun image I had in mind, I like her.

No reference, so I apologize for the slightly wonky proportions. Oh, she's eating a chocolate bar because I watched all the episodes of Death Note within two days and I had L and Mello on the brain.

A few of you have asked about my music project. Yes, I am still doing it. Yes, I've completed some more drawings. No, they haven't been uploaded yet because I'm a very lazy person. Yes, I am open to song suggestions (just leave them in the comments somewhere) but no, I cannot promise to do all of the songs. And yes, I am excited about the Spice Girls re-union. DON'T JUDGE ME.


  1. Very pretty, love her clothing and hair.

  2. ur flickr images are great! lots of talent. loved the picture with "the future of america" haha :)

  3. totally awsome and really blown away by your sketches, really oozes character and distinct style. proportions are over-rated these days. cool!

  4. Your sketches are terrific..really cool art you have here!

  5. She looks pretty tough, great line work:)