Sunday, July 15, 2007


Universal People.
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I took my friend from New York to Universal Studios the other day. We did all the tourist-y things that were new to her but old to me. So as she enjoyed everything for the first time, I sat back and relaxed, drawing tourists and perfecting my squiggly lines.

I skipped both Illustration Friday and Illustration Friday Night last week, despite being really excited about both topics. Why? Because I'm lazy. But the time didn't (completely) go to waste. I've been trying to work more with straight-up pen and ink, instead of following my usual method of inking over pencil sketches and losing the initial energy in the process. It's a tremendous pain because I think everything looks extra-ridiculous. I guess I'll stick to it though... From what I've heard, the practice will pay off and everything will look pretty. Eventually.

Oh, and speaking of pretty... Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was very, very, very pretty. It was right up there with Prisoner of Azkaban, actually. As my friends drooled over the grown-up Hogwarts schoolboys and schoolgirls, I was fascinated by all the typography. Beautiful choices. I'm not sure if this is true, but I heard that one of the restaurants at Universal has a view of the in-process Hogwarts castle, by the way. I looked, but failed to spot it.

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