Saturday, October 20, 2007


Illustration I assignment. Requirements: Illustrate virtue and opposite (I chose "chastity" and "lust") in diptych form, use acrylics.

Illustrating Chastity and Lust, it seemed only natural for me to draw schoolgirls. I have no idea why. I suppose it was that same part of me that thought it'd be natural to give Chastity a Virgin Mary type of look, with white blonde hair that worked like a veil, and make Lust a redhead. I ended up discarding this piece halfway through because I, well, hated it. It was sad because I actually really liked the initial pencil stage. I started over about three times and I was still ridiculously frustrated with the piece I ended up bringing to class.

Here's the pencil stage, which I was super excited about...

Chastity and Lust I.

This is when I started laying in the paint. All that swirly stuff (which you may recognize as the same spaghetti/water from here) in the back is my bedroom wall, which I painted right before school started. Maybe I'll post a full picture later. Anyway, yeah, this is when it started going to shit. I'm just bad at picking colors, I think.

Chastity and Lust II.

I had a lot of talks with people when I was frustrated with the process. Here was a bit of dialog that happened in just about every conversation:

Person: So... Which one is Lust?
Me: What? The one on the right. She's looking up Chastity's skirt.
Person: Oh. Well... I don't know. Chastity looks kind of --
Me: Too sexy?
Person: Yeah.
Me: God, why does everything I draw have to be SO HOT?
Person: It's a curse.


  1. hey annie, justin showed me your blog today to show me this post. i got a kick out of it and just wanted to let you know theres just not enough sexiness in the world. looks awesome!

  2. o yea... im subscribing to your blog. just letting you know so i dont feel like im stalking you or anything.