Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Thanksgiving Break is go.

I am so exhausted, it's not even funny. Okay, well, it's a little funny, considering I'm going to school to learn how to draw pretty pictures and it's already taking a toll on me. The end of the semester is drawing near, which means that class registration is something on all our minds. If I don't get the classes I want, I may have to kill someone. And by "someone", I mean "the first small mammal that I see". And yes, that includes human children.

That said, I have been enjoying some noticeable improvements. After a few failed attempts with conte, I finally managed to find a method that I like. What I do is work with one of those white Magic Erasers while I'm using conte. What a lot of people don't like about conte is that it smudges more than it erases. I've learned to use that to my advantage by just making the entire thing muddy. That way, when I lift highlights, it doesn't look too weird. Anyway, here are some of my recent in-class pieces from Life Drawing.

FD In-Class.

FD Portrait.

And I also did this piece in Life Drawing, but it was just me doodling between breaks, right on my massive drawing board. I did a huge paper on Gustav Klimt for Modernism & After, my art history class, so some of his imagery has been lingering on my brain. If you only know Klimt from "The Kiss", be sure to take a look at some of his earlier work. So much better. Anyway, this is "KLIMT FTW", or "Klimt For The Win". I don't know, I was bored.

Klimt FTW.

In other news, the cover of my sketchbook has come off completely and the stack of pages has broken into two. Boo. BOO, I SAY.