Monday, December 10, 2007


I have a Modernism & After final exam on Tuesday. I took a break from reading about Fauvism and Picasso's wacky antics to practice that lineless art technique that I completely botched here. What resulted was a weird self-portrait. It's obviously very, very different from the stuff I usually do.

Dot Dot Dot.

In other news, finals are officially killing me. My Illustration I assignment was actually due on Friday and I was the only one that didn't show up to class with anything. I've been working really hard on that final (creating four pages of a comic book) but ended up hating everything that I had done. Terrible. I'm trying to re-do everything for a late turn-in this upcoming Friday. I have a sneaking suspicion my work is still going to be crap. I talked to my teacher after class and blurted out something that pretty much sums up how I feel about everything I do:


One more week of this nonsense and then Winter Break will kick in. I plan to make a few special pieces while I'm in Florida during Break to include in my annual scholarship portfolio. I think the scholarship prize will probably be just as small as it was last year, but every little bit helps. The idea of the school giving scholarship money sort of feels like someone punching me repeatedly in the face and then gently placing a band-aid across my cheek. And then proceeding to punch me with increased fervor.

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