Saturday, September 22, 2007


Only recently did it strike me that I should probably use this blog to talk a bit more about my art school experience. Who needs another blog full of student work? People want the dirt! People want the nitty-gritty details of art school life! Well, I'm not sure that I can provide that completely, but I quite like the idea of sharing a bit more about my school life, if only to document my problem-solving process or talk about my assignments. I'm not sure how long this will last; it depends on how interesting I still find this in a few weeks or reader response. Let's give a try anyway, yeah? Okay. So. Here we go.

I'm currently in an Illustration I course; it's required for Illustration majors and is meant to be a basic run-through of the essential skills needed to survive in the business. Our latest assignment was to do a portrait of a historical or contemporary author. I briefly thought about drawing the super-funny, super-talented Douglas Adams, but I decided that the also super-funny, also super-talented John Hodgman has a face that is much more fun to draw (it's probably the glasses or the deadpan stare). Using acrylics and ink on bristol board, I created this thingy:

Hodgman Illustration.

I'm not that fond of the coloring, but I'm quite satisfied with the resemblance. I still wonder if it would have been better if I had done it in oil paints, but, due to time constraints, that wouldn't have been possible anyway. If you're interested in what that lovely H in sunrays stands for, check out Hodgman's book.

The next Illustration I assignment is to design a poster for an existing movie, band, or play. My first reaction was not to go through my list of favorite movies, bands, or plays. Oh, no. Instead, I thought, "What do I want to draw and what will allow me to draw it?" In case you haven't already been able to tell from the sketches I have posted already, I like drawing crazy action babes. It's a very "15 year-old boy" thing to do, I know. Anyway, I think I'll do a poster for either James Bond or Tank Girl. Things are generally pointing towards Tank Girl. Sketches are due next week, so I may change my mind by then.

Sweet Christ, I have a lot of work coming up. Mustn't neglect sleep, though. That's important to, like, live, right?

Sunday, September 16, 2007



For this week's Illustration Friday theme: Wedding. This was actually just a sketch I recently completed, just for kicks. It's pure coincidence that I did it on Friday and is wedding-related. My new way of dating my sketchbook entries is to occasionally make a character say what day it is.



Drawing I did during a staff meeting. I swear I was paying attention. I listen better when I'm sketching.

First Page.

First page of my newest sketchbook. I don't know how I came up with this character, but she's been popping up in a lot of my sketches lately.

Mike Gold and Steve Niles.

Baltimore Comic-Con sketches. These two gentlemen are Mike Gold and Steve Niles (sketched them during the and horror comics panels, respectively).

James Jean and Paul Pope in Pencil.

I drew James Jean and Paul Pope during their spotlight panel. Jean is ridiculously hard to draw, for some reason. Pope, on the other hand, is very fun to sketch. I think this is mainly due to his wonderfully bony chest and unbuttoned shirt.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


In Illustration I, we got the assignment to illustrate an editorial. I chose one about water bottles and how the water is not actually as pure and wonderful as we like to think. These are six of my sketches. I got a bit obsessed with the idea of people drinking bathwater and lakes full of water bottles. Obviously.

Bottled Water Sketches.

This is the final drawing. I decided to go with my third sketch. I quite like the composition, but that's about it. It ended up being accidentally (somewhat) sexual. And the water kind of looks like spaghetti. Oh well. I'll do better next time.


In other news, I met Mike Mignola, James Jean, and Paul Pope (Mignola at the Baltimore Comic-Con, Jean and Pope at a reception at my shool). All three were incredibly nice and did drawings in my new sketchbook. If you click on the links, you'll be taken to my Flickr account, where you can read brief stories about the encounters and see the sketches they did for me. It still feels a bit surreal, actually. Here's the picture Paul Pope drew for me:

Paul Pope.

Now I have to make sure that everything I do in this sketchbook has to be AWESOME. No pressure, self.