Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Not really for Illustration Friday, but suitable for this week's theme: Trick or Treat.

I wanted to give this lady a strange but delicate-looking mask. For some reason, I thought of barn owls, so the mask is sort of inspired by those owls' weird little faces.

Trick or Treat.

I've been drawing a lot of this kind of stuff lately... Aloof or surly-looking women with faceless, cloaked figures looming over them. This imagery has somehow worked its way into my latest Illustration assignment, which is still in the sketching stage. I have to illustrate Joss Whedon's submission to Wired Magazine's Very Short Stories: "Gown removed carelessly. Head, less so." Should be fun. Will post later.


Sunday, October 28, 2007


Here's the final version of my Chastity painting for the "Chastity and Lust" diptych that I blogged about last week:


I still hate it, but I hate this half a little less than the other. I really, really, really didn't like the way that Lust turned out, so I didn't post it. I just ruined the diptych, I know. Anyway, this final piece ended up being much smaller than the original sketch.

I think it looks like Chastity got punched in the face a few times, but people seem to love that coloring around her nose and eyes. Also, there was a drawing of bees and flowers on that chalkboard in the background, but it's visible mainly on Lust's side. I guess you guys will never see it.

Please note that last part was meant to be said in an obnoxious sing-song voice.

Here's the Illustration I assignment I just finished. We were told to illustrate a color and I was assigned "olive green". I knew I had to do something with martinis. Later came the idea to include green army men, gas masks, and ass-kicking redheads. My original idea included having a redhead in a gas mask getting attacked "Gulliver's Travels"-style by a bunch of tiny little green army men. I opted for this more dynamic pose. I like the top figure, but really don't care for the green army guy. Hating half of my work seems to be a recurring theme in my life. Maybe I should just do really huge pieces so that I don't feel bad about cutting half of it out. Anyway, see for yourself.

Olive Green.

In other news, Ze Frank popped up in my head for no particular reason the other day, prompting me to consider doing some video blogging. Maybe I'll do some time-lapse stuff while I'm sketching or just talk about art school to the camera for five minutes every week. I'll think about it.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Illustration I assignment. Requirements: Illustrate virtue and opposite (I chose "chastity" and "lust") in diptych form, use acrylics.

Illustrating Chastity and Lust, it seemed only natural for me to draw schoolgirls. I have no idea why. I suppose it was that same part of me that thought it'd be natural to give Chastity a Virgin Mary type of look, with white blonde hair that worked like a veil, and make Lust a redhead. I ended up discarding this piece halfway through because I, well, hated it. It was sad because I actually really liked the initial pencil stage. I started over about three times and I was still ridiculously frustrated with the piece I ended up bringing to class.

Here's the pencil stage, which I was super excited about...

Chastity and Lust I.

This is when I started laying in the paint. All that swirly stuff (which you may recognize as the same spaghetti/water from here) in the back is my bedroom wall, which I painted right before school started. Maybe I'll post a full picture later. Anyway, yeah, this is when it started going to shit. I'm just bad at picking colors, I think.

Chastity and Lust II.

I had a lot of talks with people when I was frustrated with the process. Here was a bit of dialog that happened in just about every conversation:

Person: So... Which one is Lust?
Me: What? The one on the right. She's looking up Chastity's skirt.
Person: Oh. Well... I don't know. Chastity looks kind of --
Me: Too sexy?
Person: Yeah.
Me: God, why does everything I draw have to be SO HOT?
Person: It's a curse.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Chinatown Film Festival.

The Chinatown Film Festival held a logo contest. There was scholarship prize money, so I entered. Plus, I had nothing better to do over the summer and I had a new tablet I wanted to play with. So, I pulled up Photoshop and worked on this for a few days.

I decided to go for a Chinese chop sort of look. We were also required to include a dragon or a phoenix somewhere.

Anyway, I didn't win, which isn't a big deal. I was told that I was in the top 15 out of the 600-some entries, though. I'm not sure if they just said that to everyone who didn't win. I mean, how would we know if they were lying? They ended up choosing another design that was much more graphic and business logo-y. Hey, if that's what they're into.

Is it Sunday already? I really need to get back on that Illustration Friday and Illustration Friday Night goodness.