Sunday, January 27, 2008


Billy Jack.

His name is Billy Jack. Get back! Or he will attack.

Okay, here's the explanation... Relaxed Muscle is Jarvis Cocker's (Pulp frontman) side project. He has an alter-ego named Darren Spooner that dresses up like a skeleton all the time. "Billy Jack" is my favorite Relaxed Muscle song, mainly because the super-crappy video for it features skeleton-man Spooner as a cowboy. Come on! Tales of vengeful skeleton cowboys! A girl can't ask for much more.

The first week of classes wasn't so bad. There was big homework in every course but all of them seem pretty fun. For example, I have to draw my favorite monster for Illustration II and, after a long time mulling over the pros and cons of drawing a sexy Medusa or Bride of Frankenstein, I decided to go in a completely different direction and depict Krampus, St. Nick's naughty buddy. You may know him from the Venture Bros. Christmas Special. I like the sketches so far, so let's hope that I don't end up hating the final piece so much that I don't post it here.

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