Thursday, January 10, 2008


After a long period of desperate hot-gluing, I finally gave up on my badly broken sketchbook and bought a sexy Moleskine watercolor notebook. It's really, really spectacular. My mother made fun of me because I kept cradling the book and absentmindedly stroking the cover while I was in the car. The pages are unusually long, so I'm having loads of fun with my compositions, which is probably the only skill I feel comfortable with. The watercolor paper is letting me experiment a lot more with my colors, which is my major weakness in school. I'll also be able to scan more images from the book because it lies completely flat.

Here's the first page:

Page One.

Oh, and I'm hoping to get my online portfolio up and running some time this semester. For those of you that have a website, any recommendations or warnings for domain registrars and webhosts? I really don't know where to start. I'm tempted to go to GoDaddy because of the popularity, but some reviews online are less than wonderful.

And because everyone loves artist links... I've been experimenting with gouache lately and to push myself to do better and make the best out of the medium, I've been admiring the work of Joao Ruas, who uses beautiful pencil work and gouache in a lot of his pieces.


  1. Hot glue can be dangerous. On time I touched a glob of hot glue and it stuck to my finger when I pulled it away. It gave me the worst blister that I ever had.

  2. I absolutely love your blog! It is so sharp-adventurous-creative. You are not part of the normal population!