Friday, January 11, 2008


One popular piece of default imagery for my mindless sketching seems to be hooded figures and surly women. For this piece, I decided to break from that tradition by making the woman not quite as surly as some of my other ladies. Huge stretch, right? I also tried out a new way of working with acrylics, following the techniques of my Illustration I teacher from last semester, Deanna Staffo. She uses very, very well-sharpened charcoal pencils and acrylic paints, applied with tiny brushes. I quite like the technique, but I don't know if I'm comfortable with continuing it for the majority of my work because bits of charcoal keep darkening areas that I don't want to darken. I did find out that I prefer working on a smaller scale when it comes to acrylics, though.


I've submitted it for this week's Illustration Friday theme: Stitch.

Also, I've been working extra hard, so expect a lot more updates throughout the month. Activity may die down as I return to Baltimore for school next week and settle back into my usual feelings of personal disappointment and loathing. But until that terribly taxing time takes its toll, please enjoy the barrage of new posts.


  1. Annie, love your work. Added you as a contact on Flickr too. :-)

    Nice stuff!!

  2. yoyoyo!

    I added you to mah links.
    hope you dont mind.

    See you in about a week!
    back to school!!!!!!!!!!!