Sunday, March 16, 2008


Things have been crazy and exhausting since I last updated. Assignments and work have been pouring in (Christ, it's like I'm in school or something), I made an epic journey to NYC and did a little dirty dancing with my favorite faux pundit (please note I left out all the best parts), and I am finding myself in an incredible area of uncertainty, both in my professional and personal life (MY BRAIN! MY SOUL!). Thank goodness Spring Break is here. I should also note that all of my sketchbook people have been becoming increasingly sleepy-eyed. A reflection on my real life fatigue? Probably. Okay, enough talky talk, because I have pictures:


That's a drawing I did in my sketchbook to practice with pen and ink. Mmm, sinister goths.


There was some special deal going on at Overnight Prints, so I made this drawing to turn into a postcard. The original is in my sketchbook, but the text was added in Photoshop. The bile yellow background is actually a very lovely green on paper.

Oh, and my mother mailed me five boxes of Jaffa Cakes to help me power through the rest of my work. Awesome.

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