Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This may be my last entry before finals completely kill any semblance of sanity within my already weakened body. I'm just saying.

Space Cowgirl.

This one's for my Illustration II class. We were told to illustrate an article of our choosing from The Straight Dope's archives. I scoured the entire site for something fun to draw and the super-quick piece, "Would a gun work in space?", was one of the few that appealed to me. Naturally, I immediately started sketching cowgirl space cadets. In this world, boring spacemen with dinky rayguns are no match for sleepy-eyed space sheriffs with trusty Earth pistols. Obviously.

Also, I totally swear that -- contrary to what this blog's images may suggest -- I draw men almost as much as I draw ladies. Fear not, they are just as surly and sick-looking as the rest of my characters. I shall post evidence of this after my finals-induced death. Posthumous blogging?


  1. I reallly fell in love with that bbq poster you did :)

  2. I really like the way you draw people's faces. This one especially, her expression is great!