Sunday, May 4, 2008


I'm taking a break from coloring this free assignment for my Illustration II class. I worked on it all Saturday and now I'm tired of looking at it. Maybe I should leave it alone until Monday. I wanted to do something traditional with it, but time constraints and my perpetual fear of color wonkiness has driven me back to my Wacom and Photoshop. It took me forever to even get started, since we weren't given any direction, so I ended up listening to a bunch of music before feeling inspired. It started off as something for Bat for Lash's "Sarah" but spiraled into a whole other thing. The song is still on my online Muxtape, if you want a listen. And yes, that's the sort of weird, slow nonsense that's all over my iPod.

Sarah Linework.

And this is what happens when I force myself to toss aside my pencil and do freehand inking. I thought not having a plan would allow some sort of lovely, organic designs to flow from the ink, but it just turned out to be some surly super-villain with oven mitts and a loud companda. It's pretty much the saddest page in my entire sketchbook.


Last but not least, I've finally added a Links section to my blog, featuring some artists that I like to look at when I'm in a rut. This list includes Richard Gray, Doc Hammer and Laura Laine. It's short because I'm very, very picky.

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