Saturday, May 17, 2008



My Summer Break has officially started. I stayed dead asleep until the painfully bright Floridian sunshine tore through my window and screamed, "What in the hell are you still doing in bed? It's time for lunch!" I then stayed in bed for another hour before finally waking up. The rest of the day consisted mainly of Guitar Hero, refreshing the school website until I got my final grade, TV, and doing quick Photoshop exercises like this one. It's a super-quick ink self-portrait from my sketchbook. It's semi-accurate, but I think I pinned my fatigue perfectly.

In other news, I need a new sketchbook. I think I'm going to try a normal Moleskine Sketchbook this time. Using the fancy Watercolor Sketchbook just put too much pressure on me and I felt like I was sketching less because of some weird need to maintain the book's prettiness. Then again, the thickness of the paper was perfect for my favorite dip pen and ink. I guess I'll need to work that out. Anyway, I think I'm going to try and post a flip-through video of the sketchbook once I fill in those last two pages and tape up anything super-secret.

In a quick round-up, here are the websites of all the art professors I had this past school year (Graphic Design, Life Drawing, last five taught Illustration-based courses): Brockett Horne, Nathaniel Rogers, Deanna Staffo, Alain Corbel, Warren Linn, Daniel Krall, Jose Villarrubia (who doesn't seem to have a website, so you get to look at his MySpace).

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  1. Hey Annie- your art is really beautiful & masterful. You got the power!