Thursday, June 19, 2008



The sun is frying my brain, preventing me from pursuing the all-out art-fest that this Summer was meant to be. All I've been able to do is fan art, and not particularly good fan art, at that (just a lot of badly proportioned Venture Bros. characters and Tony Stark). But recently, Jillian Tamaki held a contest to win some copies of Skim on her blog, and I gave it a shot. I ended up with a piece that I actually liked and won some cool stuff, so I can ignore the fact this is still fan art. Check out the other winners and entries.

I've also been invited to participate in the "Let Them Eat Pancakes!" art show at √úberbot, which is a really awesome pop culture/vinyl toys store in Florida. My friends and I used to go there to pick up Y: The Last Man and then have sushi down the street. Well, I have two weeks to create a piece of Hellboy-themed art for the show. With almost all my art supplies many, many states away, I'm in a bit of a pickle. Time to improvise. Somewhat Related Fun Fact: I got to talk to Mike Mignola for a little while in September, and he was such a nice guy. He humored my crazy fan talk and even did a Hellboy drawing for me. Yeah, that sketch is also states away, so I don't have it nearby for inspiration. Sigh.

In other news, I bought my first Mac. It's a MacBook Pro, and it's super shiny and runs Photoshop, like, extra fast. But that doesn't necessarily mean you should hold your breath for more frequent blog updates. A new computer doesn't change my laziness.


  1. Ooo. Congrats on being a part of the art show. if yo still haven't gotten any inspiration for a hellboy piece yet I'd say just watch trailers for the movies, or if you can find it online somewhere watch the amazing screw-on head.

    Also, have you uploaded the venture pieces yet? And what do you think of this season thus far?

  2. Totally. Awesome.

    Don't forget to give me your deets so I can mail your swag!

  3. Thanks, George. I have the 'Amazing Screw-On Head' DVD, but it is currently chilling with my art supplies and Mignola sketch, all the way up in Baltimore. Boo. And I'm not sure I want to upload the awkwardly drawn VB pieces, what with them being so awkwardly drawn and all. Maybe I'll change my mind if I make better ones. As for Season Three, it has been so marvelous, I can hardly stand it.

    Jillian, my info is on its way! Yay swag!

  4. Wow, I just found this piece through Jillian's blog. I love it! Awesome work throughout the rest of your blog as well, consider yourself watched! I'll be stoked to see more work of yours.

    And why did someone have to go and remind me of Screw-On Head? Breaks my heart every time I remember that it wasn't picked up for a full show. Absolute travesty! /rant

  5. Have you tried any Tek Jansen pieces?

  6. Love that pic, Annie. Hey- did you ever watch the show? ALL venture bros shots are awkwardly drawn!