Sunday, July 6, 2008


Talking to Myself.

Enjoy this quick doodle I did today, prompted by this activity. It's a conversation between present-day me and super-little me. I was a fairly cute kid, so what happened?

In other news, I finally turned in my piece for √úberbot's Hellboy art show, "Let Them Eat Pancakes!" (July 12th, 7 - 10PM). If you're in the area, check it out and watch me anxiously shift my feet in the presence of works by people like Phil Noto. See a full list of artists and details here. And then when I reveal my drawing next week, buy it. Do it.


  1. Man, I feel like a stalker now. I saw your post in Kate's thread and thought the art looked familiar/awesome, only after I followed the link here did I blink and go "Wait, I did already know this person."

    So I apologize, now I feel all creepy for have two of your blogs tracked down. Completely on accident mind you.

  2. It's that Venture fan radar, making you subconsciously pick up where fellow VB lovers are, all across the Internet. And never apologize for letting me know that I'm not just talking to myself when I write. Thanks for visiting.

  3. i like your style here. it's kind of like Venture style, but raw-er :)

  4. We mustn't talk to our younger selves. We shouldn't scare the little tykes.