Thursday, November 6, 2008


Virgin Suicides Cover.

For Illustration Concepts, we had to pick a book and then re-do the cover. One of my favorite novels, Jeffrey Eugenides's The Virgin Suicides, quickly sprang to my mind, and after a long back and forth with some other books I adore, I decided to just go for it. It was tough to capture the tone of the book, as Eugenides's voice is so peculiar and I felt like I could never do it justice. Originally, I had an idea in which the design elements would not-so-subtly hint at the first death, but, again, the tone wasn't there. I figured this final product was the best I could do, and I think it's all right. The coloring wasn't as horrible as I thought it was going to be; I was trying to go for an overall sense of a rosy afterglow but I also muted things for a bit of a nostalgic, aged feel. I got feedback from some of my classmates and now I feel like I didn't make the bandages around her wrists prominent enough. Some people thought I did just a random pretty girl with tacky jewelry, even though it's a direct reference to one of the sisters. Oh, well.

Here are the final illustration and the flattened image with the design elements. For the front cover's text, I borrowed the look of my Bat for Lashes poster from last year. What can I say, I really like Century Gothic.

Virgin Suicides Illustration.

Virgin Suicides Design.

I listened to Air's score for the movie a lot during this project. Those first five seconds of "Playground Love" just seal the deal for me. I also highly recommend Jeffrey Eugenides's second book Middlesex, and you all should read it. I think I actually like it more than The Virgin Suicides.


  1. Hey Annie- beautiful line work, subtle cool color. Sweet. And spooky.

  2. Hello Annie,
    What a wonderful concept behind this design! I love how you wrapped it all up with the type.


  3. Every time I come back here you put up something new that's so god damn good... I have a couple of friends from school who went on to study art and one of them is a graffiti artists. He's the only one who can produce stuff half as good as what you did here and the others... let's just say they play little league compared to this.

    Oh and one thing:

    John Hodgeman: "Buttons..."


  4. Annie this is gorgeous!!! one of my favorite stuff of yours that i've seen so far...