Thursday, December 18, 2008


More from my Interrobang project. I lied when I said I would only post one character at a time, obviously.

Interrobang: Ampersandy.

This first lady is &Y, or Ampersandy. I wanted another ridiculous punctuation-related name, so I gave it to the lead singer. Since I'm obsessed with people painting their faces, especially with skull designs, I let her sport a Darren Spooner/Misfits look. There also needed to be a redhead and someone with a cape. That's right, "needed." Ampersandy loves grammar, punctuation, flaunting her massive vocabulary and utilizing over-elaborate sentence structure. She also prefers Roth to Hagar.

Interrobang: Vinnie.

This second lady is Vinnie, the bassist. She's supposed to be Lola's best friend, just because I think such ridiculous opposites should be friends in real life. Vinnie likes vampires, reading, and baking cupcakes. I was originally going to name her Sid, but a "V" name eventually won. Also, I think I'm going to cut my bangs like that in a few weeks, just for kicks.

Classes are done. Off to Florida for Winter Break. Remind me to bring sunscreen and stuff to do color studies.


  1. wahou! je viens juste de découvrir votre blog: MAGNIFIQUE ! Tout votre travail est splendide et votre style est remarquable. Bravo!

  2. It's true, you can never be without a redhead and a cape. I love the reds you choose for your redheads anyways. These are both pretty rad but something about Ampersandy is pushing me over the edge towards even more radical--maybe it's that gigantic Doc Horrible coat? Yes.