Saturday, December 20, 2008


These are the last two main characters from my Interrobang project.

Interrobang: XI.

This is XI ("Eleven" or "Elly"). She plays synth and theremin and designs all the crazy on-stage visuals for the band (the example I gave was a giant steam-powered Monkey King at Interrobang's last Beijing show). I had a list of things I wanted represented in the band, and on the list was unnatural hair color, mohawks, electronics, glasses and stripes. Somehow, all of those things got pushed on Elly, which I think makes her that much cooler. And yes, I just had to get a theremin in there.

Interrobang: Rick.

This guy is Rick. Just Rick. He's the lone guy and a bit like a mix of Scooby, Silent Bob and Jonathan Coulton (mainly for how I imagine he would sound... and the exaggerated version of shaggy hair). He doesn't talk very much, usually speaking up only to offer some final words of wisdom or sing a soothing song. Rick is the bodyguard, manager, driver, cook and drummer. Female drummers are marvelous, but the visual of rotund Rick behind an equally round bass drum tickled me, so I had to do this.

Yup. That's it. This project was a lot of fun; it made me consider a career in character design and concept art a little more than I have in the past. I'd love to get an internship in video games or animation, so maybe now is the time to get on it. My teacher suggested Harmonix ("Rock Band") in Boston and my friends that interned for The Venture Bros. in NYC said I should apply, but the idea of working with that show makes me anxious at a comically high level. If anyone has any other recommendations, please don't hesitate to share, because I don't actually know what I'm doing.



    And by that I mean, GO become a member of the TEAM that develops the VENTURE Brothers.

  2. yeah, ya totally know what your doing ^_^
    man, if you got to work at the Astro Base I'd be sooo happy for you! Jackson and Doc are the coolest, probably! when i draw with their commentary on, they sound like the kind of pals you'd want around.

  3. You are an awesome artist, and I think you have great ideas!

  4. Nice CH Annie, definitely up to VB standards- or any TV standards! Give 'em a buzz- (but don't mention lovelace).

  5. man oh man, do i ever *ever* wish this were being produced. the characters are simply the most compelling i have ever seen, visually, conceptually, and musically.

    truly wish i had any connections in the animation industry. best of luck in the world - though with work like this, you shouldn't need it.