Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Happy Holidays.

In case you haven't heard, it's the holiday season, a time when creepy guys show up at your door with weird messages about how their wasted heart will love you until you look like a busted up page from National Geographic's Giza spectacular. People also do less creepy things during the holidays, like be nice. I thought I would give that a try, by linking to some fellow MICA students/recent grads and some of their works. These people have given my site link love, commented here, provided helpful school advice, made interesting work and/or threatened me with a hot butter knife until I made this post. I will leave it up to you to figure out which goes in which category. I'm sure I missed people, and for that I'm super-sorry, but this was compiled in one evening. Forgive me.

Alissandra Seelaus: Cryptozoological adventures for kids. You will be jealous you're not best friends with Nessie too. Also, Alissandra does daily drawings about her life. Also, also, she is one of my roommates so you may see an adorable nugget person version of myself in a few of those drawings.
Alison Marks: Robot in twelve different wigs. You didn't know that was a dream of mine to see this, did you? Of course you didn't, it was a secret. Her show idea also sounds like something I would watch.
Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi (This is a shared blog; Ariyana's posts are labeled with "AS"): Hot, sticky buns. It's what you did and did not expect, but I promise you'll be hungry afterwards... Or repulsed, I'm not sure.
Emma Quinn: Sailor with tentacles playing not one, but two accordions. Goddamn. Look at him go.
Hannah Ahn: Pretty ladies and white birch trees, two things that are inherently pleasing to look at.
Hitomi Mori: Baltimore roller girl. All of her characters' have the most interesting outfits.
Noel Hernandez: He somehow managed to include man-booty and bratty little girls in the same post without doing something horrible with it. He also works with a lot of different materials, which makes me feel extra-awful about clinging to my ink and Wacom tablet.
Kali Ciesemier: Pretty ladies and monsters are another inherently pleasing combination. Noticing a pattern here? Bonus: I saw one of her illustrations in a magazine I was flipping through on the plane the other day and ended up spilling ginger ale on myself while trying to get a better look. Smooth operator.
Kristina Diggs: Scene chimera. First of all, how does a person come up with something like a scene teen chimera? Secondly, how is it possible to sculpt it so adorably?
Lindsey Muir: I always had a sneaking suspicion this is what graphic designer's hearts look like. There's also a lot more stuff on her Flickr, including this great re-design stuff for the Maryland State Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped.
Mark Grambau: Stephen Colbert punches Hitler in the face. This is pretty old, but I still think it's hilarious.
Marissa Lanterman: Map of a moment with a lot of great details and notes. She's another one of those traditional illustrators that makes me feel terrible about forgetting how to hold a paintbrush.
Nancy Muller: Great gouache sketchbook work. Yet another person that, through just existing, reminds me that I can't paint traditionally.
Rachel Dougherty: The Grasshopper and the Ants. Classic fable, except now infinitely cooler than the version that was in your Girl Scout handbook.
Rose Davis: NASTILE. I chose this simply for the last image. I won't spoil it for you.
Sam Bosma: Shadow over Innsmouth. Probably one of the most stylish series of HP Lovecraft illustrations you will ever see. Also, I will admit that I initially accidentally typed "HP Hovercraft", which I can only assume is some sort of advanced Firebolt. Also, also, if you got that joke, you should feel very sad about your life right now.
Tiffany Shih: Pretty ladies and JHU doctors. Smart choice of subject matter by another one of these graphic designer people. Pshht. What's up with that?
Tyler Parker: Alan, the plush deer. Adorable? Yes. Tyler also does collage work, which is well worth a look.
Zak Greene: Extra-adorable sequential art. And by "extra-adorable", I meant "kind of horrifying." I'm still working on my visual storytelling, so I appreciated this.
Yvonne Weng: Baltimore posters and pretty things. Another graphic designer with a penchant for patterns. I often awkwardly stare at her desktop wallpapers.

The second part of the giving has to do with you, my dear reader. I have gifted you with all these new sites to visit. Now, please visit these blogs and enjoy them and leave lovely comments and link to them and submit them to your favorite art sites. It's completely free, obviously, and you also get to pat yourself on the back for making an artist feel good about themselves.

This is where I say something really snarky and mean, but I'm too lazy because I'm full of cookies and candy canes. Have a good holiday and all that.


  1. thaaanks annie!
    i was on blogspot trying to reset my own blog, then i went to yours.
    i'll have to fix it and link things later, i have to help my cousin string beads.
    anyways thanks again.

  2. Dats awesome, love it. Gimme cookie.

  3. Wooo, thanks for the link!

    I don't know if you read the Lines and Colors blog, but I recognized a little something on their post today...


  4. Next time the cookies will be as comically huge as that bow.

    Nice to see that Eustace Tilley piece again. I didn't know they were doing that contest this year. Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. why are you so awesome all of the time? Please stop because it is slowly killing me. :)

  6. Annie! I meant to write this earlier, but thank you for the link! I feel all special.


    just fyi - this image was the answer to my family's inquiry, "so who are you living with this year?"

  8. thanks annie :) and i love that huge bow.

  9. Holy damn, thank you! I feel warm and uncomfortably fuzzy about this.

    I would have commented to say thank you earlier but I forgot that I even had a blog.

  10. Okay, so this is way overdue, but I'm just getting caught up with all my blogs and Thank You!! That was incredibly nice of you! :) You are linked on my blog now-- I thought I had before, but apparently I don't remember things correctly. In any case, you're quite the looker in giant bows. :) Also, Interrobang is pretty hilarious.

  11. Googling my name randomly and discovered this post. Thanks for the chimera-tastic complement! Unfortunately he had a bit of a tumble and now has a accidental action head... (I.e. it turns side to side) and I keep forgetting to buy glue to fix him.

    Someday I'm going to expand the series with dudes like a hip harpy and an In-Crowd Hydra. Someday...