Saturday, May 17, 2008



My Summer Break has officially started. I stayed dead asleep until the painfully bright Floridian sunshine tore through my window and screamed, "What in the hell are you still doing in bed? It's time for lunch!" I then stayed in bed for another hour before finally waking up. The rest of the day consisted mainly of Guitar Hero, refreshing the school website until I got my final grade, TV, and doing quick Photoshop exercises like this one. It's a super-quick ink self-portrait from my sketchbook. It's semi-accurate, but I think I pinned my fatigue perfectly.

In other news, I need a new sketchbook. I think I'm going to try a normal Moleskine Sketchbook this time. Using the fancy Watercolor Sketchbook just put too much pressure on me and I felt like I was sketching less because of some weird need to maintain the book's prettiness. Then again, the thickness of the paper was perfect for my favorite dip pen and ink. I guess I'll need to work that out. Anyway, I think I'm going to try and post a flip-through video of the sketchbook once I fill in those last two pages and tape up anything super-secret.

In a quick round-up, here are the websites of all the art professors I had this past school year (Graphic Design, Life Drawing, last five taught Illustration-based courses): Brockett Horne, Nathaniel Rogers, Deanna Staffo, Alain Corbel, Warren Linn, Daniel Krall, Jose Villarrubia (who doesn't seem to have a website, so you get to look at his MySpace).

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I just turned in my final paper this morning. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm done with the school year. I'm sure half of that essay didn't make any sense, since I wrote it in the early morning and was shaking from a Mountain Dew overload through most of it, but the fact that I'm done is good enough.


Finals were all right, for the most part. My Narrative Illustration final was tough, mainly because I didn't start on it until the day before it was due. Smart, I know. The assignment was to illustrate a story of our choosing, in as many or few pieces as we wanted, but without words. If the class, seeing the piece for the first time, had trouble following what was going on, we would lose major points. Scary. I was tempted to immediately jump into a fairy tale or make up a random story, but, after wasting about three quarters of my time brainstorming, I finally decided on Joan of Arc. I liked it because I could break it into three distinct parts: visions, battle and trial/burning. Plus, I wanted to draw a lady with cool hair and armor. I chose to depict her visions as crazy flame-like things erupting from her eyes, mainly inspired by some illuminated manuscripts I like. This is the final page from the project. Just like the rest of my recent work, it's dip pen and ink on Bristol, colored digitally in Photoshop. I might post more pages if I feel like it.

I'm off to Florida on Friday. Sunshine. Tan people. Warmth. Eww.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Bat for Lashes.

Huzzah! I've finished coloring this lineart. It was initially going to be a straight-up illustration, but the top part was lacking something. So, I added some text and turned it into a kind of, sort of poster for the album with the song that originally inspired the piece. I didn't listen to it that many times while coloring, but I somehow managed to watch the Asssscat! DVD, like, five times while working on this. I don't know how that happened.

Three more finals to go. Let's hope last-minute panic doesn't set in.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I'm taking a break from coloring this free assignment for my Illustration II class. I worked on it all Saturday and now I'm tired of looking at it. Maybe I should leave it alone until Monday. I wanted to do something traditional with it, but time constraints and my perpetual fear of color wonkiness has driven me back to my Wacom and Photoshop. It took me forever to even get started, since we weren't given any direction, so I ended up listening to a bunch of music before feeling inspired. It started off as something for Bat for Lash's "Sarah" but spiraled into a whole other thing. The song is still on my online Muxtape, if you want a listen. And yes, that's the sort of weird, slow nonsense that's all over my iPod.

Sarah Linework.

And this is what happens when I force myself to toss aside my pencil and do freehand inking. I thought not having a plan would allow some sort of lovely, organic designs to flow from the ink, but it just turned out to be some surly super-villain with oven mitts and a loud companda. It's pretty much the saddest page in my entire sketchbook.


Last but not least, I've finally added a Links section to my blog, featuring some artists that I like to look at when I'm in a rut. This list includes Richard Gray, Doc Hammer and Laura Laine. It's short because I'm very, very picky.