Monday, September 29, 2008


Little Red Riding Hood.

This one was for my Illustration Concepts I class. We were given the assignment to take an action scene from a well-known fairy tale and place it into a different time period. Like half the class, I chose "Little Red Riding Hood", even though I had desperately, desperately tried to find some way to do "The Snow Queen", my favorite fairy tale. I was quickly reminded that particular story isn't so much action-packed as it is super-dreary. Anyway, I did a weird little twist on the piece and instead of having the classic Woodsman Plus Axe vs. Wolf scene, I wanted Red to fling the stone-filled wolf into the river (honestly, I haven't read it in a while, so I may have come across a weird version in my childhood). I have no idea where the Mexican wrestling stuff came from, but the mask/hood thing just worked and there it is: Big Red against the Big Bad Wolf. Also, I kind of surprised myself when Red turned out nothing like Tex Avery's.

Speaking of scantily-clad ladies... The results from Project: Rooftop's Vampirella ReVamp contest are up and, as it turns out, I'm a finalist. I didn't get a top three prize, but I got a critique from the judges, which was nice enough (I must defend physics-defying underboobies for the first time in my life, because if Vampirella's universe can keep her business together in that classic tissue and dental floss costume, she can certainly pick up some double-sided tape and deal with underboobies). Check out some other entries!

Oh, I actually ended up staying in New York City for the majority of the weekend, so I missed the Baltimore Comic-Con. I still plan on attending the Small Press Expo, unless something more epic comes along and pulls me from the state again. I'm not sure what will keep me away from seeing Jillian Tamaki and Kate Beaton, though.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Only Survivor.

Wow, I'm still alive! Sort of! Skipping to the end of a rather lengthy and uninteresting run-down of the school year so far, enjoy this ink rendering of a sad air hostess from the 60s.

It's a piece for my Character Development class, which sounds like it should be geared towards children with self-confidence issues but it is actually a character design course taught by Brian Ralph. The only prompt we were given was "The Only Survivor" and since I've been wanting to draw vintage flight attendant uniforms since I saw this collection, it seemed like a prime opportunity. I should also note that I borrowed heavily from the technique I used for my Hellboy piece and I'm slowly getting more confident in working this way. Now if only I could do the same thing with gouache...