Saturday, January 3, 2009


The Black Angel

I recently joined Warren Ellis's Whitechapel, mainly because I wanted to participate in the Remake/Remodel threads (Project: Rooftop doesn't happen nearly enough). This is my first entry, a redesign of The Black Angel. Her original outfit was more Catwoman than lady-aviator, so I tried to pull in that direction a little more. I gave her goggles, a scarf, and a sort of modified bomber jacket one-piece. Her old outfit has an interesting collar, so I tried to echo that. I also stole her old boots, because they were interesting and must have been very effective in kicking Nazi ass. Fun Fact: This is my first piece entirely inked by brush. I think it looks more fluid than my pen ones, though I miss the resulting scratchy texture of the paper.

Also, I finally registered a proper domain. currently redirects to this blog, but I hope to have a "real" portfolio there soon. Huzzah for business cards with a respectable URL.

And finally... Happy 2009, everyone. I know what I have to do this year and I'm looking forward to challenging -- and inevitably disappointing -- myself with these comically high expectations. Hey, it's the only way I get anything done.


  1. Annie, your art just keeps getting exponentially awesomer (than gossamer). Have a shockingly wonderful neo-anno!

  2. ps agreed- thank god for BG artists