Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Sewer Fashion: Goldfish.

I'm taking a fashion/lifestyle illustration class this semester, and our first assignment was to illustrate a location and appropriate designer clothes on some sexy people. Fair enough. I chose the NYC sewers because I'm a complete idiot. It was between that or mod England in the 60s and I went for the most unsexy of all unsexy places, but whatever. It was a challenge.

Sewer Fashion: Alligators.

I did four illustrations in all but I only liked these two. The first features a 2007 Alexander McQueen and a bunch of dead goldfish, the second has two surly looking people wearing an odd mix of designers, plummeting through the pipes with a not-so-baby alligator. I was super-excited about this assignment and wish I had more time to work on it, but I got sick over the weekend and wasn't up to drawing anything pretty in my snotty state.

And now for a bunch of news regarding comics: I finally started Runaways and finished the first three volumes with record speed. It was a lot of fun, just like everything else Brian K. Vaughan does (I'm convinced the man saved Lost; bow to him). I then read the first four volumes of Scott Pilgrim, which were fantastic. I'm incredibly excited to see what Edgar Wright can do with the movie version of this.

I'm also feeling kind of down about not going to New York Comic-Con this weekend because I've gone for the past two years. If you see any people you know I extra-like around the convention center, please make them feel uncomfortable for me. Give some of those [adult swim] guys a completely uninvited, jaunty lapdance, bellow a dirty joke in Huttese to every slave Leia cosplayer you see, do what you gotta do. Just make the folks around the Javits Center feel like I'm still there, weirding people out. I'd really appreciate it.


  1. I really like the first one :O Those poor goldfish.... awesome color palette too~

  2. amazing stuff. So much attitude and very inspiring!

  3. That assignment was brutal when I had it. Looks like you've come away with something neat, despite those deadlines.

    I shortlisted Hodgman's books for IB, as well, but decided against it. Then, when I wasn't having fun doing my thesis, I decided to just do whatever, so it looks like I'm doing stuff based on or inspired by his fake trivia/history.

  4. All gorgeous. Your stuff knocks me socks off.