Monday, March 9, 2009


Star Trek Fashion.

Lame title, I know, but it had to be done. At least I didn't use PON FARR-OCIOUS. It's a long walk, though it would have explained why LadySpock is looking a little sassier than usual.

This is for my Fashion & Lifestyle Illustration class. Each of us were assigned a different upcoming movie and had to create a related fashion spread using current runway fashion and female models. Luckily, I got Star Trek, which I secretly super-wanted in the first place. I immediately decided to draw a LadyKirk and LadySpock, so that was pretty easy. The flailing redshirts came later in the process, but they were still a lot of fun. Kirk and Spock are too busy looking hot to pay attention! And their crew is dying! Hilarious.

Obviously, I took some liberties with the ship's design and pulled some inspiration from the Star Trek: TOS too. For example, Chris Pine's Kirk seems to be wearing mostly grey and black in the movie, so I referred to William Shatner's mustard top instead. Oh, and I added bangles around their wrists instead of those rank braids that always reminded me of bad bricabrac.

Kirk and Spock are wearing Meadham Kirchoff and Alexander McQueen; Kirk has an additional Shipley & Halmos jacket and that black piece over Spock's dress is from Gucci. I think the redshirts are all wearing Fendi and Miss Sixty. If you're having some difficulty working with modern costuming, a good resource is Just click through their runway photos; they're really fantastic. There's the option of sorting by model, so you can spend an entire afternoon staring at Jessica Stam and only Jessica Stam. I mean, if that's what you're into.

Also, hello to new visitors from the blogs of Rafael Soldi and Warren Ellis, both fine, beautifully creative gentlemen that deserve your fan-love and attention. Hello, hello.


  1. i don't usually feel super-compelled to leave comments, because it might make you think i'm stalking you (i'm not. well. except when i stand outside your window at night and serenade you.) BUT. this is freaking great and i love it. fantastic, annie wu. fantastic.

  2. This is probably one of my favorites of yours this past year. The colors, composition, and everything is just radical.

    That and your Kirk looks exactly like a girl at my school. It's sort of creepy. I shall have to show Danielle her true form. Her lady-Kirk form.

  3. Love. This. My friend sent me the link due to my own Star Trek/fashion blog (, but I love love love your illustration style. And the inclusion of the redshirts = perfect.

  4. This is amazing. I know I'm late to the party. But it is.