Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Wrath. Patience.

More fashion illustration stuff. Our assignment was to depict a vice and its complementary virtue in fashionable theatrical posters (meant to be displayed side-by-side). I got Wrath and Patience and, after trashing a lot of other ideas, I came up with this. It's a little disagreement between psychotic Ira and super-chill Patientia (Latin, get on it). These were both printed out at 18"x24", which looks pretty nice, despite the fact that such a size magnifies each and every mistake of my 9"x12" originals. Some of you may remember I also did a vice and virtue assignment back in Sophomore year, with Lust and Chastity. It's very strange for me to see how much my work has changed in less than two years.

I was listening to this Radiohead cover of Carly Simon's James Bond song, "Nobody Does It Better", almost non-stop through the final stages of this project. It was kind of ridiculous and a little embarrassing. Anyway, here it is, in case you've never experienced this amazingness.

Also, the last half of March seems to have blinked into non-existence, because it's somehow April now. Did you know? This is the part where my brain explodes and I start bleeding from the eyes. More news later. Possibly. Maybe. Perhaps.


  1. seriously...? non-stop? that almost verges on the edge of...disappointingly pathetic.

    i clicked on the play button and stopped it ten seconds in. i couldn't handle it already.

    annie will you be in bmore this summer?

  2. Gasp, sass-mouth. Nothing even happens ten seconds in! Maybe you should recreate my setting before listening to the song and play it at 3AM in the morning, coming down from a James Bond kick. Or maybe the trick is to not look at Thom Yorke. Regardless, I shall spare you of an equally mean critique of your own musical tastes.

    As for this Summer, I don't know.

  3. Followed the bread crumbs from your Newsarama article and wanted to say I like your work.