Saturday, April 4, 2009



For you! A quick sketch from a few weeks ago and some reading material.

Mr. Chris Arrant recently interviewed me for Newsarama's Up & Coming series. Check it out. And sorry to those of you that have seen me link to this wherever I have a presence on the Internet. It's really your own fault for being my friend.

In the interview, I mention this year's Baltimore Comic-Con, which I don't think I've brought up anywhere else. Well, a few friends and I will be in the Artists' Alley for the first time, under the group name "Society of the Okay." No, it's not much of a society, but our last names (Rochon, Suvarnasuddhi, Wu) don't really lend themselves to any sort of fun formation. Anyway, keep October 10 and 11 open if you want to see me look confused behind a table, in a place other than a classroom.

My Snow Queen project is also mentioned, but there aren't any images. I was ready to scan some more for this entry, only to remember that everything's currently in non-photo blue. Those will have to wait.

There's a variety of other interesting things coming up. All shall be revealed in time.


  1. Yay! You're a star! I also like how your initials spell AW as in Awwww. Ha.

  2. Getting famous there! well done! Being noticed is, after all, the hardest thing in the industry!

  3. Annie, that's AWESOME! ( i mean your interview)

    also...I guess that means I'm going to actually make something for the comicon. damnit.

  4. I propose we all make "I love Wu" T-shirts with your face on it.
    I'd galdly prance around campus with it on.

  5. dude that's so awesome!!!! now you need stunna shades. i believe you are taking the illustration world by storm. coooooooooolllll

  6. Congraaaaaats~ (also congrats for getting into SOI!)

    Hullo, I'm one of your MICA peers, but I've never had the opportunity to ever have a class with you. Just wanted to swing by and tell you that I love your work!