Sunday, May 24, 2009


The Little Robber Maiden.

Ah! I forgot to post these other illustrations from my Snow Queen book. The first is the little robber maiden, looking all sneaky and extra-prone to stabbing you in the face. You may recognize her from this earlier character design. Maybe not. The second image in this post is the super-bored princess that has read every newspaper in the world.

The Princess.

You've now seen three of seven interior pieces posted on this blog. That will probably be it. I'm confident your imagination can come up with something much cooler than I did for the remaining four.

Also, if you're interested in occasional in-progress pictures and updates, there's been a bit of that going on my Twitter, @anniew. I'll still post sketches every once in a while on the blog, but if I feel like showing a half-colored piece, that will be a Twitter sort of deal. Following me is also a fun way to track my decline into madness and find out what I had for lunch.


  1. Very nice Annie. I'm especially enjoying the wrinkles in the dress.