Thursday, May 28, 2009


Click Rush.

As a little break, I spent a few hours putting this together for the current Remake/Remodel challenge on Whitechapel. For some reason, I decided a good way to take a breather from the art I was working on would be to do... more... art. I don't know. Anyway, it was pretty fun to work on a guy's costuming and get a little crazy -- but not too crazy -- with the DIY look. This fellow is Click Rush, the Gadget Man. First of all... Click Rush. Come on. Secondly, he's a crime-fighting inventor who loves the color brown and takes orders from a sass-mouth toad. A toad. Mind you, this is a comic originally from the 1930s. Lastly... Click Rush. Read more about this extra-weird character and see other illustrations by visiting the R/R thread.

Also, I added a few more artists to my links section. I have hundreds of artists' sites bookmarked but the ones on my blog are part of the handful I always revisit when I'm in an artistic rut (in other words, half of their page views are from me). I'm not going to point out which ones are new because I want you to see them all. Ha! Dick move!... of kindness.

Also, also, I hope you all have been following Edgar Wright's daily photo/video posts on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is going to be ridiculous. I honestly can't wait. I mean, for fuck's sake, look at this.


  1. I saw the image of Ramona's character holding the hammer and then the vlog of the first real fight scene and it just made me all excited. But how the hell are they going to pull this off?

  2. Edgar Wright.

    I have endless faith in the man's work, so I'm really not worried.

  3. Hey, found you on the Whitechapel thread and really like your art! (Had to draw one of those myself)

    And yes.... I am excitedly following Edgar Wright's journey too. Can't wait!

  4. good, I found your blog,
    I've been showing your work a lot in the character design class this summer,
    I'll steer them in this direction.

  5. Thanks, Jamaica! I appreciate it. The Scott Pilgrim movie needs to happen now. Right now.

    And hi, Brian!