Thursday, May 7, 2009


The Snow Queen Book Cover.

I enjoyed doing the Virgin Suicides book cover last semester, so when I had to design something for my Snow Queen jacket, I decided to revisit ridiculous hair. I swear I'll back off the swishy hair eventually, but doing that kind of linework with a good DVD or podcast playing in the background is my pathetic version of stress relief. Please note that this piece is meant to be folded almost in half around a book; there's no spine treatment because the book I actually constructed is too thin for it (ideally, this would have been a super-heavy, epic hardcover made from endless layers of actual snow and sheets of ice, but I settled for one of those small, hand-made paperbacks with lovingly hand-torn pages). There's also a bit of hand-lettering in the title because I picked up some gothic calligraphy in Typography class. Thumbs up.

In other swishy hair news, I submitted the aforementioned Virgin Suicides piece to American Illustration, and it has been accepted to their online Tribute gallery. The collection of "Chosen" pieces will be up in November, I believe. Congratulations to everyone that made it into the gallery or book. Double thumbs up.

Classes are over, kids. Next up, Senior year. Crippling doubt and self-loathing at the ready!


  1. snow queen's hair makes me jealous. she must use some fancy pantsy hair product...

  2. Wow! I like your flow-y organic style. and this is a great design :)

  3. Annie Wu! You are amazing. I must must say good bye to you before I leave next week. Also, you and Alissandra should come visit me in LA. ok? Thanks.

  4. OO this is a beautiful cover Annie, can't wait to see the comic!