Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The Drowners.

How absolutely mortifying! Showing up at the party with the same make-up.

I hadn't touched my sketchbook since the Dr. Sketchy's Baltimore session I attended last month, and I could sense the pathetic thing was feeling a little neglected. I let myself sketch for an hour or so before bed, but I only made it through three and a half pages. Yeah, I'm a little rusty.

Not much else I can share at the moment. Uh... I really like people with painted skull faces. And I also really like Suede's "The Drowners".

There. Yes. End transmission.


  1. Hey, came across your stuff through the Scott Pilgrim Movie/Edgar Wright forum thingie. Amazing work, a Scott Pilgrim fan AND a Suede reference! A prize ham is on its way.