Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Lolita Book Cover.

Alternate title was "Picnic. Lightning." In case you didn't know: I kind of, sort of extra-like Lolita, both the Vladimir Nabokov book and the Stanley Kubrick movie. In fact, I also love the audiobook version, as read by Jeremy Irons, because, as I once so giddily mentioned on Twitter upon my first listening, it sounds like Scar reading Nabokov to me.

When I stumbled across news that the site Venus Febriculosa was hosting a competition to create a book cover for Lolita (for kicks), I figured it was a good excuse to pick up my brush for something not for school/work. After doing assignments in school for The Virgin Suicides and The Snow Queen, I've discovered that I really enjoy doing book covers, especially when I get to combine hand lettering and graphic design with my illustrations. So, I had fun with this, even though I think I made Humbert Humbert (and his almost-glowy, predator eyes) way more attractive than he needed to be.

And I will end by saying if you have only seen the movie or if you have only read the book, then you definitely must experience the other. Lolita (Lo. Lee. Ta.) herself is all right, but HH is really the one to study.


  1. brushier linework is looking extra-fly, annie wu. well played.

  2. Hey. Not that you need me to say it, but your work is bloody great.