Sunday, October 4, 2009


Don't worry, this is the last reminder. Baltimore Comic-Con is this weekend. I will be at Table 114, with my friends and fellow illustrators Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi and Emma Rochon, under the name "Society of the Okay." If things go according to plan, there will be prints, buttons, minibooks and I will have some newly printed shirts. Should you care to find me, just look for this surly creature (the angry face is natural, the purple hair is not) and these t-shirts...

A Guide To Recognizing Your Annie Wus. Printed Comic-Con Tees.

I wear shirts from cartoons because I am an adult. Also, the tees I'm bringing are grey on grey and printed by the fine folks over at Squidfire, on American Apparel. Yeah. Stick with me and you won't need any more of that Fruit of the Loom nonsense.

Oh, and this is my 100th post. Whoo.


  1. I found myself looking for a 'like' button to show my general approval of this post, but then I remembered I wasn't on facebook. So I wrote this instead.

  2. Also, I would totally pay you cash moneys, if I had any, for those bitchin' shirts.

  3. I would actually like to pay you cash monies for a shirt. can we but them not at comic-con?

  4. "Stick with me and you won't need any more of that Fruit of the Loom nonsense."

    I imagined that coming out of your mouth in Jeremy Iron's voice in a "Be Prepared" fashion. I mean, that was about never going hungry again due to lack of proper antelope distribution, but you know...

    That being said, best of luck with the ComicCon this weekend. Super exciting, wish I could be there! I'll be going to Boston's in a few weeks (though not exhibiting like some fancy pants).

  5. Thanks, guys!

    Christina: Probably after next weekend? I mean, I seriously doubt I'll sell all the shirts, but I'm not sure what sizes will be in higher demand at the con. If things turn out to be pretty popular, I'll reprint and have them available for people that I get to see outside a convention setting.

    Mark: You just made five-year-old Annie very happy. I really wanted to be Scar back then. It was sad.

  6. First of all, I'm finally gonna get the Annie Wu t-shirt I've always wanted.

    Second, Mark I love that we both thought about that song first from that phrase.

  7. Annie the book is ready and it rocks!!! The publisher will be taking care of sending each of you the copies!!!
    Words just cant explain how grateful Im with you and the other artists! you all are the BEST!

    if you have some time check