Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Lacrosse Magazine.

I never thought my first editorial work would be for a sports publication, but, then again, my psychic powers have always been lacking. I illustrated the cover and several portraits for this month's Lacrosse Magazine. I'm sure you've noticed that most of my artwork consists of women, and when I draw men, they are imaginary and/or extra-gaunt. So, being faced with the challenge of drawing so many portraits of male athletes was kind of daunting.

However, when AD Gabriella O'Brien and writer Matt DaSilva told me about their idea, which consisted of crazy superhero-esque portraits of lacrosse's finest faceoff masters, I was pretty excited. Too cool, right? I have seriously lucked out with assignments so far. This was also one of the select few issues that would go to their younger audience (in addition to the regular subscribers), so I took that into consideration. It ended up being a lot of fun, and the interiors look fantastic, thanks to Gabriella's work. I still can't believe they trusted me with the cover, which consists solely of my illustration and hand lettering. Thanks to Gabriella and Matt for a great experience!

In other news, Baltimore Comic-Con was a success. An inevitably obnoxious post to follow soon.


  1. Just in case you didn't know, you are an illustrator extraordinaire.

  2. Wow, just... wow....

    Gosh Annie Wu, quit being even more awesome.

  3. You never know what the next gig is going to be-
    You rose to the occasion.
    or is it you rised to the occasion.
    You have risen to the occasion,
    something like that.

  4. Wow this turned out really awesome! Super professional and a lot of fun. I almost want to start subscribing to Lacrosse magazines.