Tuesday, October 6, 2009



I was scanning sketches for... An ashcan? Mini-book? Mini-comic sans comics? It's a few Xerox'd pages, folded and stapled so that it resembles a book. Whatever that's called. Anyway, I was flipping through my last few sketchbooks for things to scan and I came across this piece, drawn a few months ago. It was a pencil doodle that I had, for some reason, accented with some matte medium. I liked the way the resulting texture looked in the scan, so I figured I'd post the full drawing and a super-close detail shot too.

I'll get the skull faces out of my system eventually.

Also, there have been questions about purchasing my Comic-Con things. My plan is to bring the full stock to the con first, because I have no idea what sizes/items will be popular and it's just smarter to have as many options as possible. Afterward, if I have time, I will re-assess the situation and re-print things as needed. In the case of shirts, I may even be able to take orders so I can get a solid idea of what sizes are needed. Sound good? I hope so, 'cause that's what I'm doing. Just keep an eye on the blog for updates, as always. Thanks. UPDATE: And here it is. Details about purchasing.


  1. I love, LOVE this sketch. I'd love to see it inky and more fleshed out, spooky Klimt-style.

  2. Nice!

    (Mini-book with pages stapled = a "zine" I think?)

  3. Hi great work I have made a skull face aswell.