Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Maurice In Love.

A couple of months ago, Patricio Oliver asked me to contribute a piece of guest art for his graphic novel, Maurice in Love. Illustrators (including a few certified People I Know: Jordie Bellaire, Sam Bosma, Daniel Krall, Kali Ciesemier) were asked to re-make some of the panels in the book, which follows the love life of a British single fellow named Maurice. I received a copy the other day, and the guest art looks marvelous with Patricio's also marvelous illustrations. Do the math. That's double the marvelous. I really wish I had more time to put into my piece, but I'm still very pleased to have been able to participate.

Also, I've finally opened up a store where prints are available for purchase. I'll have shirts and a few more things online after MICA's Art Market is over. Also, also, I gave my blog a little face lift and a new color scheme, so go on and take a peek if you've been following via a feed reader for a while.

New business cards and postcards are also on the way. Art directors, be prepared to find these under your pillows (I prefer a more hands-on approach than direct mail campaigns).


  1. thanks so much for being part of this book, maybe next year we can all do an opening in USA!