Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Skeleton 'Kee's Miracle Tonic.

I shared this illustration a few months ago, as it was the first one I completed for thesis. Since then, I've tweaked the coloring a bit and added lettering.

This is another villain piece, an extra-sleazy conman. The formula for a well-dressed embodiment of religious insincerity is simple: Take a white guy in a suit, drop a variety of Christian imagery, and then arbitrarily add Native American gear and a miracle tonic labeled "not at all deadly." Give him a cartoon baddie moustache and blackened lips for good measure. And yeah, I used "'Kee" again because "Skeleton 'Kee" was too cheesy to resist. Quarter 'Kee threw a series of comical tantrums upon hearing about this guy.

Quarter 'Kee shirts are on the verge of selling out; the last few have been added to my shop. I'll be shipping them out before I go on Break next week. Thanks again to those who bought shirts from Comic-Con, Art Market or when I carry them around inside my trenchcoat.


  1. Could you hang on to a small shirt for me? I can pay you when you come down for break, so I don't have to Paypal and you don't have to ship.

    Assuming you'll be home for break, of course. Pretty please? :3