Thursday, April 23, 2009


The Mirror Trolls.

Hey! Remember these fancy-looking guys? They're the mirror trolls from the Snow Queen series I'm doing. This is my first completed chapter illustration, so I thought I'd let you folks see the overall "look." I may go back in and add more tone later; I'm not sure. Suggestions welcome. And please, please click through to view the bigger version. That's the only way to see all the excruciatingly detailed parts I lovingly addressed, especially in the trolls' outfits (created with items from my own closet, apparently).

I'm in the middle of multiple massive projects, so while the posting may be light right now, expect to get smacked in the face with non-stop updates soon. This is assuming that all goes according to plan and I don't hate the end products, forever protecting them from the judging eyes of the Internet.

In unrelated news, I had an excellent birthday weekend in New York. I must plug the band I saw, Weep, which is fronted by one of my personal heroes, Doc Hammer (I mean that in the most genuine, un-fangirly way, though despite my very best efforts when seeing him in person, my nervous laughter sometimes kicks in anyway). The music was even better live and, let me just say, the audience saw some tattoos most fans are probably not even aware of. All in all, not a bad way to enter Year 21.

Saturday, April 4, 2009



For you! A quick sketch from a few weeks ago and some reading material.

Mr. Chris Arrant recently interviewed me for Newsarama's Up & Coming series. Check it out. And sorry to those of you that have seen me link to this wherever I have a presence on the Internet. It's really your own fault for being my friend.

In the interview, I mention this year's Baltimore Comic-Con, which I don't think I've brought up anywhere else. Well, a few friends and I will be in the Artists' Alley for the first time, under the group name "Society of the Okay." No, it's not much of a society, but our last names (Rochon, Suvarnasuddhi, Wu) don't really lend themselves to any sort of fun formation. Anyway, keep October 10 and 11 open if you want to see me look confused behind a table, in a place other than a classroom.

My Snow Queen project is also mentioned, but there aren't any images. I was ready to scan some more for this entry, only to remember that everything's currently in non-photo blue. Those will have to wait.

There's a variety of other interesting things coming up. All shall be revealed in time.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Wrath. Patience.

More fashion illustration stuff. Our assignment was to depict a vice and its complementary virtue in fashionable theatrical posters (meant to be displayed side-by-side). I got Wrath and Patience and, after trashing a lot of other ideas, I came up with this. It's a little disagreement between psychotic Ira and super-chill Patientia (Latin, get on it). These were both printed out at 18"x24", which looks pretty nice, despite the fact that such a size magnifies each and every mistake of my 9"x12" originals. Some of you may remember I also did a vice and virtue assignment back in Sophomore year, with Lust and Chastity. It's very strange for me to see how much my work has changed in less than two years.

I was listening to this Radiohead cover of Carly Simon's James Bond song, "Nobody Does It Better", almost non-stop through the final stages of this project. It was kind of ridiculous and a little embarrassing. Anyway, here it is, in case you've never experienced this amazingness.

Also, the last half of March seems to have blinked into non-existence, because it's somehow April now. Did you know? This is the part where my brain explodes and I start bleeding from the eyes. More news later. Possibly. Maybe. Perhaps.