Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The Drowners.

How absolutely mortifying! Showing up at the party with the same make-up.

I hadn't touched my sketchbook since the Dr. Sketchy's Baltimore session I attended last month, and I could sense the pathetic thing was feeling a little neglected. I let myself sketch for an hour or so before bed, but I only made it through three and a half pages. Yeah, I'm a little rusty.

Not much else I can share at the moment. Uh... I really like people with painted skull faces. And I also really like Suede's "The Drowners".

There. Yes. End transmission.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


"Sheffield: Sex City" Booklet.

My blog header insists that this is an illustration and design blog, so I figure it's about time that I post some actual design stuff. Even though I'm an Illustration major in school, I like to take Graphic Design classes too, the most recent one being a Typography course. One of our assignments last semester was to make a little booklet using one type family and a single body of text. I chose the ever-lovely Futura and the beautifully painful lyrics to Pulp's "Sheffield: Sex City." It's an old, old song from the band's early days, more spoken than sung by Mr. Jarvis Cocker (by the by: NYC show on July 30!). We also had to cut some squares out of a magazine and then use a selection of the random pictures as our images in the booklet. I got a lot of ladies, so that worked out. Above are two of my favorite spreads.

In Illustrated Book, where my Snow Queen project initially started, we were only required to do the illustrations (cover, interiors, end papers, etc.) so I decided to combine it with my Typography final, which was to do the text for a book of our choice. It ended up being a lot more work than I expected, but it was nice to have a full product in the end. This is an example of a completed spread, complete with extra-fancy hand-drawn flourishes.

"Snow Queen" Spread.

My Typography professor occasionally uploads classwork, and you can see a few examples of my projects, including the full "Sheffield" booklet and more pages from my Snow Queen book, in this Flickr stream.

Oh! And I went to the MoCCA Festival last weekend. It was interesting, even though I awkwardly avoided eye contact with everyone and ran away after only a few hours. Really, I'll get this whole "human interaction" thing down eventually.