Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Go Team Pilgrim.

Prepare to OD on nerdiness: The Venture Bros. and Scott Pilgrim. Bryan Lee O'Malley posted a quick prompt to do something with a drawing of Scott on Flickr, and I decided to try it as a little exercise. I wasn't planning on posting it here, but I figured it'd give me an excuse to link to The Venture Bros., Scott Pilgrim and the Scott Pilgrim movie. I hope none of these are news to any of you, but, you know, just in case.

Dr. Sketchy's August.

Also, last night I attended a Dr. Sketchy's Baltimore session. My left-handed drawing didn't turn out as nice as last time's, but I liked my one-minute sketches and my final 20-minute pose. If you've never been to a Dr. Sketchy's drawing session, you should find a branch near you.

Now, if you don't mind, I have work I need to do and a sun to avoid.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Egyptian Wallpaper.

There's been a lot of black and white since I posted that Click Rush design from May, so here's a little something I made last night to bring back some color.

Jordie Bellaire (fellow art nerd from high school, now RSAD illustrator) invited me to join the new Doodles & More Sh!t blog. This week's theme is Egypt, which I was all about in first grade. I mean, I still like ancient Egypt but, damn, my friends and I were hardcore for Tut back then. Anyway, I used this as an excuse to do something both pin-up-y and historically way-inaccurate (underwire bras were not invented until Egypt became a province of Rome).

This is actually a quarter of the initial illustration, because I was inking with a brush again (unfamiliar territory) and didn't care for the rest of it. So, to make the best of the weird, horizontal cropping, I've turned this into a wallpaper. I even included one for iPhones. In fact, they get more midriff and mummy. Just pretend it's a gift to my readers for suffering through my ramblings and sporadic posting. Now, select your size:

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