Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Maurice In Love.

A couple of months ago, Patricio Oliver asked me to contribute a piece of guest art for his graphic novel, Maurice in Love. Illustrators (including a few certified People I Know: Jordie Bellaire, Sam Bosma, Daniel Krall, Kali Ciesemier) were asked to re-make some of the panels in the book, which follows the love life of a British single fellow named Maurice. I received a copy the other day, and the guest art looks marvelous with Patricio's also marvelous illustrations. Do the math. That's double the marvelous. I really wish I had more time to put into my piece, but I'm still very pleased to have been able to participate.

Also, I've finally opened up a store where prints are available for purchase. I'll have shirts and a few more things online after MICA's Art Market is over. Also, also, I gave my blog a little face lift and a new color scheme, so go on and take a peek if you've been following via a feed reader for a while.

New business cards and postcards are also on the way. Art directors, be prepared to find these under your pillows (I prefer a more hands-on approach than direct mail campaigns).

Saturday, November 14, 2009



Just a quick one today, gang. This is my contribution to the Harry Potter-themed zine that Alyssa Nassner has been organizing to sell at the upcoming MICA Art Market.

I swear, I wanted to stay away from the dark characters and draw two of my personal favorites, Fred and George, but I just couldn't handle all the smiling. I also made a tremendous effort to stay away from illustrating teary-eyed Draco Malfoy, despite my natural inclination to draw sad-looking but impeccably dressed men. Bellatrix Lestrange was kind of a spontaneous thing, but the deadline was coming up, so I just let it happen. I played around a little with textures and the B&W restriction, though I think the lace and fishnets dated her outfit. At least now we know what Bellatrix would have looked like if she were in an ethereal goth rock band from the 80s.