Monday, December 14, 2009


The Prospector's 20-Acre Terror Garden.

Here's the last poster from my thesis. With this one, I wanted to play a little more with lighting than I had in the other posters and also draw lots and lots of shoes. This title went through an incredible number of revisions, but I think it became stupidly epic enough to be the final movie in the Adventures of Quarter 'Kee and Bastard Pistol series. Spoiler alert: Quarter 'Kee dies in this one.

... Or does he? (Yeah, he totally does.)

Thanks to my professor, Rachel Salomon, and fellow thesis group members, Emma Rochon, Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi, Rosemary Davis, Noel Hernandez, for their help throughout the semester.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Skeleton 'Kee's Miracle Tonic.

I shared this illustration a few months ago, as it was the first one I completed for thesis. Since then, I've tweaked the coloring a bit and added lettering.

This is another villain piece, an extra-sleazy conman. The formula for a well-dressed embodiment of religious insincerity is simple: Take a white guy in a suit, drop a variety of Christian imagery, and then arbitrarily add Native American gear and a miracle tonic labeled "not at all deadly." Give him a cartoon baddie moustache and blackened lips for good measure. And yeah, I used "'Kee" again because "Skeleton 'Kee" was too cheesy to resist. Quarter 'Kee threw a series of comical tantrums upon hearing about this guy.

Quarter 'Kee shirts are on the verge of selling out; the last few have been added to my shop. I'll be shipping them out before I go on Break next week. Thanks again to those who bought shirts from Comic-Con, Art Market or when I carry them around inside my trenchcoat.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


The Outlaw Outpost.

Third in my series of posters for thesis. Villains. Twin bounty hunters. Sweet jackets and boots. Perpetual scowls. Easily triggered bloodlust. Eyepatches. An accident that ensured their permanent grumpiness and need for Quarter 'Kee and Bastard Pistol's demise.

Oh, and a tree with lots of paper on it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Poison In Her Well.

I imagine that The Adventures of Quarter 'Kee and Bastard Pistol started off with a single film and, after it totally made bank in the cinema, the creators decided to expand it to a series. Inevitably, they had to bring in a love interest/pair of legs, so I used my second poster to introduce Lady Gunpowder (I also considered "Baby Gunpowder" or something equally ridiculous), who is like a weird mish-mash of a Native American princess and an outlaw schoolmarm.

I decided to go for something a little more iconic and pay homage to this Fistful of Dollars poster, which I like quite a lot. Also, Poison in Her Well was one of the goofier, awkwardly sleazy titles at the top of my list of brainstormed film names. Of course I had to use it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


A Dead Sheriff in Little Wichita.

I previously explained the thematic goals behind my thesis (I was pleased to see that my words resonated with writer Chris Roberson), but perhaps I should break down more specifics. From the start, I wanted to fake-develop a series of buddy cowboy action flicks, pulling more influence from the mid-century little kid fascination with "cowboys and Indians" than historically accurate information from the old West. I also wanted to include wild one-shot characters, fashion-conscious costuming, and a bit of the casual sleaze and political incorrectness found in exploitation films. Oh, and I wanted to hand-letter a bunch of really stupid/epic names for the movie titles. These are all things that I love exploring, so it wasn't difficult to tie together.

That's how the Adventures of Quarter 'Kee and Bastard Pistol came to be. Pictured is the poster for the first film in this five-part imaginary series, A Dead Sheriff in Little Wichita. It's not my favorite, but it's done. So there.

So, why does scrawny Quarter 'Kee have a skull permanently painted on his face? Why is the rebellious sharp-shooter Bastard Pistol's version of alarm read like low-level disinterest? It's up to the audience to fill in the blanks; all I offer are the visual clues. Again, feel free to refer to my explanation from a few weeks ago in case you're still confused why the hell I'm doing this, but I promise no understanding. As usual.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Burlesque Poster.

The ladies of MICA's burlesque troupe, The GalHaus Revue, asked me to create a poster illustration for their big performance, coming up in January. Really, how could I say no? Despite the fact that my sketchbooks are filled with leggy girls that look like they belong on Bond's arm, it was weirdly challenging creating the right kind of image for this poster, all the while keeping it design-friendly. This particular figure went through an infinite number of incarnations and costume changes; it was kind of ridiculous. Designer Justin Lloyd fixed up the whole thing real nice-nice, really made the poster pop.

Also, I will be emceeing this self-same burlesque show, so if you want to see me probably act like even more of an idiot than I usually am and make an audience really uncomfortable, come on down.

In other news, I've been hammering away at my thesis because everything's due in, like, a week. Occasional, crudely shot progress photos have been appearing on my Twitter. If I don't die this weekend, I will post finals soon.