Saturday, March 20, 2010


The Birds: Twins.

I've been working all through Spring Break, so I thought I deserved to dick around with a nonsense piece of artwork for a few hours. I did this little exercise last night. While watching 'The Birds' the other day, the crows collecting in the playground reminded me of the hordes of sour-faced burn-outs that head to the swings to smoke after school. Yeah, I don't know why my mind works that way. Anyway. I thumbnailed a few fashion-y illustrations inspired by this. Titles that were entertained included: "Surly Salad Days," "Goth Recess," "And Twiiiiins" (I apologize profusely for that last one). I may turn this into a series to do in my tiny pockets of free time.

What's that? An excuse to post music? All right. Both these songs have somewhat creepy, almost voyeuristic birds (so I had them on loop). I should start a collection with this theme. And sell it on TV, a la "Buzz Ballads." Here are XTC's "Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her" and Pulp's "Birds In Your Garden."

The response to my first piece for thesis has been really amazing. Thanks to everyone who has been sharing it. I'm planning on doing at least four more from my long list of duos. Flight of the Conchords is already in progress, so maybe they'll be posted next.


  1. I saw the preview of this one twitter, and I just have to say, I think these two look outstanding.

  2. i love how Buzz Ballads magically put every song I hate into a FOUR DISC SET!

  3. I like the song about the seaguls. It reminds of a certain being. To say that his, 'Vibe,' could make you lose your mind is quite true... Screaming, sweating, ranting, muttering, the whole sha-bang.

  4. Great illustration! A friend of my posted the link on my Facebook page because it reminded her of two characters in my novel. And it's the first picture I've seen that fits them! Love it :)

  5. glad I found your website, your work is quite interesting !

    oh, one question, where/what did you study at school ? can you answer on my blog so I won't forget to check the comments here ?

    merci beaucoup !