Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So. I was asked to create a banner for an e-mail to Art Directors, inviting them to come to our illustration department's end-of-the-year showcase (Seniors show off portfolios, chat with ADs via Skype... It's quite cool). This was one of the toughest assignments I've had in a while, having less than a week to come up with something visually interesting and friendly/inviting (not my area of expertise). I also had to somehow express the relationship between art students and ADs at Showcase. Of course, my brain immediately spit out numerous concepts about panic and the desperation of recently graduated students but, okay, no one wants to hear about that, let alone see it on an invitation.

MICA Illustration Showcase.

My professor and department chair both reacted positively to the Venture Bros. piece I did a few weeks ago and we pushed it in that direction. I was really hung up on making everything happy and inviting at first, which resulted in a mediocre piece that didn't look like my own. Then I scrapped everything and started over, tossing the happy-go-lucky tone and just doing what I wanted to do (I mean, while keeping most of my weird tendencies in check... No one has an eyepatch or anything). In the end, I came up with a piece I actually quite like, and I hope the ADs dig it too.

In other news, I attended MoCCA this last Saturday and had a blast. I was around for only about five hours but I caught up with old friends and met so many great people. So worth the exhaustion. Holy crap.


  1. Awesome! Looks great, love the colors and I think it looks pretty welcoming. :)

  2. You have 'the gift'. Your brain, eyes and hands are working in the same direction. You have the ability to earn a very nice living with your work.Don't stop, like I did 33 years ago and now I look at work like yours and kick myself in the ass everytime. Good job!

  3. I saw this banner on facebook and thought it was great. I enjoyed looking at the rest of your work too. I'll definitely keep checking out your new stuff!