Friday, April 23, 2010


First! I recently received an amazing set of handmade sketchbooks from Mark Grambau and Mel Chao. Mel makes these leather, softcover books and, holy wow, they're so damn nice, I think they'll motivate me to get back into this whole sketching thing. Plus, the paper's really great so I think I'm going to try out more ink sketching. This drawing is my first in the book, just something quick because I don't like dealing with an empty sketchbook. It's intimidating.

Three Necklaces.
And a few bits of news... My poster for "A Dead Sheriff In Little Wichita" will be included in Spectrum 17. It's an honor to be in such fine, fine company, so I'll be pretty excited to see the book when it comes out in November.

Also, my design for Strand didn't win their contest but I'm one of the twenty finalists. Not too shabby. The winning and finalist pieces will be part of a show at SVA some time in June, I believe. They're also online here. I'm just excited that people like R. Sikoryak and Adrian Tomine looked at my work for even a second during the judging process.

Also, also, some friends told me that my Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick illustration was on [adult swim] a while ago. It was kind of a nice surprise the morning of my birthday (yeah, I'm 22 now). It's been running all week and, as always, BumpWorthy was on the ball and uploaded the clip a few days later. Watch the bump here, and marvel at the, like, ten seconds that my work lingered on [as]. Hey, this kind of stuff makes me giddy. Don't mock me.

And... I think that's it. For now. I graduate in less than month, so I need take care of all the nonsense associated with that.


  1. Dude, Annie Wu, you are too awesome. The adult swim thing rocks. Can I brag on you to all my friends? Too late, I'm going to.

  2. Congrats on all the awesome stuff!

  3. Congrats on the adult swim showing; that's pretty fuckin' awesome.

    Also, love the drawing, she seems a bit off; like she's staring into space.

  4. Congrats! Your work is awesome so you def deserve it.

  5. It was quite cool seeing something of yours on Adult Swim. Congratulations, you definitely deserve the exposure.