Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Bastard Pistol.

I was cleaning out my studio flat file and saw this fellow. I totally forgot to share this one last semester. Originally, this piece and the line art that eventually became my shirt design were supposed to be elements in one of my first thesis posters.

The two faces were a very subtle detail flanking a larger illustration in the middle, but this proved to be too much digital manipulation for me (I try not to edit too much in Photoshop, just color). Since only half of their faces were supposed to show through ever so slightly, I didn't bother to make their faces look terribly different and decided to focus more on their sleepy eyes and lightly sneering, partially parted lips. I was also thinking about making him a shirt as well but it would have cost a pretty penny to print both designs.

In other news, I was sorry to hear about Alexander McQueen's death. He was one of my go-to designers when it came to putting together outfits for that fashion illustration class I took last year. Even if you don't typically pay attention to the runways, looking through his collections is always great inspiration. Incredible, incredible work.