Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The Strand.

This is for The Strand's tote bag contest, which I didn't know about until a few days ago. I dug through the other submissions and I seriously doubt I'm going to win, but if you take a peek at the list of judges, then you can probably understand why I wanted to get my work in anyway. Oh, and obligatory song... Roxy Music's "The Strand."

Cam Jus Lettering.

I also did this in-class typography exercise, quick handlettering for Cam Jus, a DC-based DJ. He asked our professor for something like the Coca-Cola logo, so I considered script from vintage, hand-painted signs instead of just riffing on the Coke logo. I think it turned out nicely for an hour's work. Thanks to my professor, Oliver Munday, for tuning it up and making it vector-nice.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


The Birds: Twins.

I've been working all through Spring Break, so I thought I deserved to dick around with a nonsense piece of artwork for a few hours. I did this little exercise last night. While watching 'The Birds' the other day, the crows collecting in the playground reminded me of the hordes of sour-faced burn-outs that head to the swings to smoke after school. Yeah, I don't know why my mind works that way. Anyway. I thumbnailed a few fashion-y illustrations inspired by this. Titles that were entertained included: "Surly Salad Days," "Goth Recess," "And Twiiiiins" (I apologize profusely for that last one). I may turn this into a series to do in my tiny pockets of free time.

What's that? An excuse to post music? All right. Both these songs have somewhat creepy, almost voyeuristic birds (so I had them on loop). I should start a collection with this theme. And sell it on TV, a la "Buzz Ballads." Here are XTC's "Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her" and Pulp's "Birds In Your Garden."

The response to my first piece for thesis has been really amazing. Thanks to everyone who has been sharing it. I'm planning on doing at least four more from my long list of duos. Flight of the Conchords is already in progress, so maybe they'll be posted next.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer.

I had a lot of fun with my "Quarter 'Kee and Bastard Pistol" thesis, but I wanted to use this semester's project to gently nudge my brain out of its comfort zone and satisfy some rather unrepresented categories in my portfolio. I decided to take on a series of portraits (rather than my usual improvised characters) depicting duos in today's comedy scene (no Laurel and Hardy, sorry). I also wanted to do illustrations that would appeal both to those familiar and unfamiliar with the real-life subjects. Y'know, something to intrigue the uninformed but also reward the hardcore fan. This meant sprinkling in a lot of inside jokes, which I hope will be fun for you guys to see.

The first in my series is one of my favorite working creative teams, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, the minds behind The Venture Bros. They're probably one of the more atypical duos to choose for this series. But I really like them. And this is my project. So there.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble.

In Typography class, one of our first major projects was to design an event poster for a lecture, play, musician, whatever we wanted. The only real rule was that the focus of the poster had to be type (imagery was allowed but couldn't be the focal point). I was listening to a lot of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, their improv alter-ego (serious thanks to both Zoetica Ebb and Ales Kot for bringing them to my attention). Both band names have plenty of lovely letter forms for me to draw and stack (two Zs!), so I chose one and went with it.

The poster, printed at 18x24, looks nice. It went through infinite revisions to get to something I felt confident in; the exhaustive, mildly annoying process was partially documented on Twitter. Anyway. I'll shut up now. Have some music.

Oh. Yeah. Thesis things. Those are, uh, on the way.