Wednesday, June 23, 2010


"Dirty Little Secret" is currently three episodes in, so be sure to check out all the crazy drama that has been going on (it only gets crazier; I've read the scripts).

Dr. Orpheus.

Work for the series has been taking up all my time, save for a few afternoons where I force myself to shake the creeping threat of atrophied legs by wandering around a bit. I really wanted to quickly doodle something else, so before bed last night, I managed to sketch Dr. Orpheus. He's my favorite-favorite. And sometimes fan art is just easier.

Oh! And this year, I will be attending San Diego Comic-Con for the first time. It was a ridiculous, last-minute decision, so I'm still not sure what's going to happen. I think I'll mostly be showing up at parties, looking for food and agonizing over whether or not I shook someone's hand too firmly. Anyway. Updates later.