Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Star Trek Fashion.

Here's the deal. I'm packing for my first San Diego Comic-Con. I just found these ladies. Their inky skeletons, I mean. I have a game for you. If you find me at the convention and are the eleventh person to give me a Sci-Five, you can have the original inked art for this piece. Only one try per person, so Sci-Five carefully.

So. Find me. I'll be occasionally updating my Twitter if, for some reason, you were really desperate for that art and wanted clues to my whereabouts. I look like this.

Mid-SDCC update: OH MY GOD. I UNDERESTIMATED THE CON. IT IS A BEAST. Okay. It is obvious I will never make it to eleven in this environment. I can't even find the people I'm looking for and most of them are at stationary tables.