Saturday, September 18, 2010


ELLE/TRESemme's "Dirty Little Secret" finale is now online! All ten episodes are available on the official website and YouTube. And I think the last of my DLS illustrations is in this month's issue of ELLE. Go stare at them or something.

'Dirty Little Secret' Collage.

Each of my drawings was shown for probably all of two seconds in the actual series, so I made this collage to share some of my favorites. Also, I know my personal love for dead-eyed deadpan results in limited expression in a lot of my other work, so... Look! Other expressions. Note that this is just a very small selection of the -- seriously -- hundreds and hundreds of things I drew. It was a lot of work but I think the final product looks cool. The animation team did an amazing job of making my drawings look more exciting than they really are.

SPX went well. I'm going to be at NYCC (Oct. 8 - 10) next, but I'm mainly just walking around. Unless you or someone you know has an Artists Alley table and wants to share. For real, let me know. I'm polite and wear clean clothes.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Remake/Remodel: 13th Doctor.

Over on Whitechapel, the current Remake/Remodel challenge is to design the 13th Doctor. To be honest, I'd really like to see an older Doctor lead one of the revival series. Back when they were still looking for an 11, I was hoping they'd cast someone like Bill Nighy (I mean, Nighy ended up in the last series anyway, which was cool).

This character isn't exactly meant to be Bill Nighy, though he was my original inspiration. I'm thinking... Older, even more flamboyant (I imagine his outfit changes colors every episode but it remains in that combination). Flashy, a little snarkier than the other guys. Maybe the Doctor feels the need to turn up the energy when he finds himself in an older body. Nighy, specifically, is twice as old as the current Doctor but he still has an incredible energy and way of carrying himself that is immensely entertaining. Similar snake-like movement and posture to, say, Jarvis Cocker.

... Okay, I really like Bill Nighy. In other news: This comes into your room and watches you sleep at night, before burrowing into your ear.